Grand Parkway Baptist Church

God is amazingly good

July 24, 2022 Grand Parkway Baptist Church
Grand Parkway Baptist Church
God is amazingly good
Show Notes

God is amazingly good
Romans 8:26-30

1. When we are weak the  Spirit intercedes for us
2. God is working all things for our good
3. God has predestined us to follow him
   Ephesians 1:4
   1 timothy 2:4
   2 Peter 3:9
4. God has called us to follow him (His effectual calling)
    Acts 16:14
    Acts 9:17-18


How is your relationship with God right now?  Are you worried that he is angry with you? 
When was the last time something really bad happened to you?  Do you realize that in that moment the Holy Spirit was most likely praying for you? How does that make you feel?
Are there any situations in your life where you are struggling to trust that God is working for your good?
Has God called you to Himself?  
What does it mean for your walk with Jesus that He has justified and glorified you and He sees you as that right now? How do these truths change how you live?