Grand Parkway Baptist Church

Defiant Joy

December 11, 2022 Grand Parkway Baptist Church
Grand Parkway Baptist Church
Defiant Joy
Show Notes

Dec 11, 2022

Nehemiah 8:1-12
Defiant Joy

Biblical joy is not just a happy emotion that we either feel or don’t feel. It is a state of being that finds its source in God. This joy come from God and our joy is a product of what God has done and continues to do. It is gladness and contentedness flowing out of a well spring of God’s faithfulness and mercy, quite independent of our circumstances.
         -Robin Basselin

1. The Law of God is a good thing, v. 1-4

“The common man doesn’t believe the bible to be authoritative so I don’t reference it much in my preaching.” 

“The goal of revelation is not information only, but affection, worship, and obedience. Christ in us will be realized only as we drink deeply of the Bible, which is God’s word outside of us.” 
           ― Kevin DeYoung

2. Posture changes in the presence of authority, v. 5-6

Two things hold authority over them:  

a) the Word of God
b) the worship of God

3. Understanding increases their capacity, v. 7-8

“If you are ignorant of God’s Word, you will always be ignorant of God’s will.”
            – Billy Graham

4. I cannot be ruled by my feelings, v. 9

5. Celebration is essential, v. 10-12

Why celebrate?

1) you find a capacity in joy that you will never find in grieving
2) conviction is an invitation back to our identity
3) celebration reorients our attention and affection around God and what He is doing instead of us and what we have done
4) understanding God’s word is a powerful thing

Mental worship…

Through what lens do you see your days?
What holds authority over you such that you change when you are around it?
What is the last thing you celebrated? How do you celebrate your spiritual growth?
Do you think of the Bible as a good thing? If not, how do you think about it?