Grand Parkway Baptist Church

How To Live A More Interesting Life

April 30, 2023 Grand Parkway Baptist Church
Grand Parkway Baptist Church
How To Live A More Interesting Life
Show Notes

Apr 30, 2023

Acts 3:1-26
How To Live A More Interesting Life

1. Have some habits, v. 1-10

2. Know your history, v. 11-16

On the Cross two things happen:
a) God establishes universal guilt
b) God demonstrates substitutionary atonement

Contextualization is the process of considering something in relation to the situation in which it happens or exists. 

3. End with hope, v. 17-26
a) God’s faithfulness gives us a foundation for our faith, v. 18

“Today I began reading the Bible. Something I’ve never done. I believe this is the only truth left here in earth. Maybe the only truth there ever was. Everyone else has turned to nothing but deception and lies. All of it.”
                   -Shawn Ryan, Instagram post

b) your failure is not final, v. 19
c) it won’t always feel this way, v. 20
d) God has a plan for the world, v. 21
e) God raised Jesus to bless you, v. 26

Mental worship…

Are spiritual disciplines more of a hobby for you or a habit?
What is one habit you want to establish in the next thirty days that would make a noticeable difference in your life?
What have you been speaking to that you need to take hold of?
How well do you know the history of God’s dealings with humanity?
What questions are you asking as a result of what you heard today?